Aurasma and ChatterPix: A fun way to bring photos to life with augmented reality! 10

I recently discovered the ChatterPix app (FREE) by Duck Duck Moose and instantly knew I wanted to use it to make photos of my students come to life. When I showed it to the kids, they thought it was absolutely hilarious! Here is Duck Duck Moose’s video which illustrates how it works:


In Science, my class has been investigating paper and its properties. One of these invesigations involved writing on two different types of paper and then talking about which was easier/harder to write on and why. I decided to have the kids take photos of each other and then use ChatterPix to add their voices to the photos explaining their observations. Once I had done that, I used the ChatterPix videos as overlays in Aurasma and voila! You have an Aura where a photo begins to talk when scanned. To see how to create Auras using Aurasma visit my post on Aurasma here.

Here are two examples of this project. To view the following Auras:

1. Download Aurasma

2. Follow my channel by clicking on this link from your device: (The link may not work right away, you may need to try it a few times before my channel is added)

3. Scan the photos below with Aurasma on your device

  ***Note: There are two versions of ChatterPix, one for kids and the other for adults. Main feature difference is a countdown before recording on the kid version (very helpful!)***

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10 thoughts on “Aurasma and ChatterPix: A fun way to bring photos to life with augmented reality!

  • Lori Labrum

    I love this idea! I will be doing something similar with my students and their stories for our local newspaper. I hope it works. Our tech-guy and I have been experimenting and think we have it down. What a great way to share our work with others.

    • Post author

      Hi Megan! I usually end up using the app because as an early childhood teacher most of the trigger images that I want to use are tangible work pieces that the kids make. Another reason is that I often ask them to video each other on their iPads which means if I use Studio I have to import all those videos from my iPads to my computer before creating on Studio. I could just do it through dropbox but if I’m going through all the iPads checking anyway, I might as well create the Aura! I think Studio is more useful if you have a digital image you want to use as a trigger image. Hope this helps 🙂

  • Dorene Bates

    Just came across this in Pinterest. What a great idea! I love ChatterPix and am just getting started with Aurasma. I will add the idea to my toolbox. Thanks for sharing.