BLC17: Talking “Technology”

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Selfie Video Work (Pana, Liv, and Char) #MyTaiwanTeacher

Charlotte Intro to Seesaw Project

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Finding Meaning Blog Post by Liv

@TheLivBits Meets Mo Willems!

Mo Willems! YES! I Met Mo Willems! from TheLivBits on Vimeo.

Student work from TAS

Feedback from Liv

Understanding the Elements of Video

Same Scene 5 Ways Video:

Student Example of Service Learning Selfie Video with Background Music

CARP Design Principles

Persuasive Book Review

Videos used for “Notice-Pause-Type” Routine

Icon Study

Blog post on icon inquiry 


Example of Chalk Talk

iPad App Design

Blog post on iPad app design

Slideshow to teach some design principles:

Student App Design Examples

What’s Your Perspective?

Blog Post on Picture Stories (Find details on lessons here)

Creating Picture Stories

Example of a Story Plan

Final Student Examples:

Story told by authors:

Story interpreted by peers:

Real or Fake?

Blog Post on Real or Fake Information (Find details on lessons here)

Sidewalk Cops Playlist