Learning 2.015 Manila

Vocabulary Posters

Printable Bee Bot Cards:

Unplugged Coding Resources

Graph Paper Programming 1

Graph Paper Programming 2

Move it! Move it!

Robot Turtle

My Robotic Friend

My COETAIL Final Project

Blog post on my COETAIL Final Project

Robots, Devices and Apps

Bee Bots and Blue Bots


Lego WeDo

Blog post on WeDo Spinners

Blog post on WeDo Insects

Blog post on Integrating WeDo into Animals and Habitats

Apps & Websites:

Seesaw (for collecting student work and giving feedback)

Bee Bot & Blue Bot

Scratch Jr.


Daisy the Dinosaur


UbD Planner: Robotics and Coding in Kindergarten

View in Google Docs: Robotics and Coding in Kindergarten

Robotics and Coding at TAS

**Note: This will always be a working document. To view the latest version of this please see the Google Doc: TAS: Robotics and Coding (KA-G2)