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Thanks to @Phillip_Cowell, I am one of the lucky people to have gotten to try out Easy Blog Jr. right after it hit the app store! What is Easy Blog Jr.? Well, it is exactly what its name claims to be, a simple and straightforward app that allows the youngest kids in our schools to independently post to a WordPress blog.

Here is the introduction video to give you a better idea:

This is their instructional video to show you how to set up Easy Blog Jr. with student profiles and link them to your WordPress blog.

I have tried this app today in my class and all I had to do was to tell the kids “If you can’t read the instructions, just press the speaker button and it will tell you what to do.” I didn’t do a thing, they were able to independently follow through the steps!

My first four examples of using Easy Blog Jr. are on my class blog. We are currently learning about Trees, Wood and Paper in Science. The children observed redwood, pine, and basswood using their senses and used the app to record a part of their observations. Click here to see one exampleIf you’re wondering why my kids are all geared up with headphones and a mic, well we have iRig mics. I like to use them because it really does help to pick up the sound of their voices, and I can allow the rest of my class to enjoy the centers they are in! The examples you’ll see on my blog so far are some of my most soft spoken girls, but the iRig picks up their voices really well.

My favorite parts about Easy Blog Jr.:

  • I created my class profiles in just a few minutes before school started this morning
  • Left handed option for each profile!
  • Clear audio instructions
  • Large buttons
  • Clean and simple interface

P.S. @Phillip_Cowell’s daughter is the voice of Easy Blog Jr. 😉

UPDATE (November 22nd 2013): I have been using Easy Blog Jr. as a regular part of my classroom for over two weeks now, and I have to say that the amount of student initiated learning and action that takes place each day has grown tremendously! If you are looking for a way to motivate young learners to THINK and REFLECT on things they learn in class, look no further. My kids come to me EVERY DAY in choice time with work they have produced independently, reflecting on the various things we’ve learned in class.

Each time I hear “Can I put this on the blog?” my follow up is “I would love you to, but first tell me WHY.” and the kids know they have to explain/justify how it’s connected to something we’ve learned in class. Take a look at my class blog to see examples of Easy Blog Jr. and how my kids are taking the initiative to reflect on their own learning!

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12 thoughts on “Easy Blog Jr.: Blogging made easy for our youngest learners

    • panalee@gmail.com Post author

      Well, sources tell me that Easy Blogger Jr. is very near its release date so you may have an even simpler option for Blogger! 🙂

    • Philip Cowell

      Hi Thomas,

      The Blogger version went to the iTunes store today for review so should be about a week off.
      Yeah, the kids really love the voice of “Yufi”* – my daughter. The first time the KG kids used it, they just pushed the speaker icon over and over to hear her talking. It was so cute and funny (and I guess made a proud dad)

      *Yufi = Young User Friendly Interface

  • Tami Ruebush

    Thank you for sharing Easy Blog Jr. on your blog and at the iPad Summit at the American Embassy School this weekend. It is so amazing to find an app that will allow lower elementary students to share their thinking with the world.

    This year I am using student blogs as portfolios. My goal was to manage their blogs myself for the first half of the year and then gradually release control to them next semester. Now with Easy Blog Jr I can start them on the road to independence earlier so they can take ownership of their portfolios.

    I am so excited to try this with my first graders. I will let you know how it goes.


    • panalee@gmail.com Post author

      It is really amazing how quickly they learn to use the app as well! I have kids coming to me every day asking if they can post something to the class blog! I’m very impressed with the effort they make as well to just create something they can share with the world. Yes, I would love to know how it goes with your class!

  • Philip Cowell

    Thanks so much for that blog post Pana!

    Our ECC now uses the app/blog as a carrot to get the students projects done….
    “Can I put it on my blog?”
    “Yes, but you have to finish it first”

    Blogger version hit the App Store today for review – should be about a week out (and actually it’s faster than WordPress I guess because it has the power of Google behind it, and all free with essentially unlimited video!)

    • Pana Post author

      Hi Jarryd happy to help! Can you tell me exactly where you are experiencing difficulty? I assume you have already gone into settings to attach each of your student profiles to your class blog?

  • Jessica

    Hi Ms. Pana – I was wondering if you know of anything similar to this that would be compatible with Android? I just started serving as ICT specialist for a small campus in Thailand and we have 20 JPads for the whole school. I am looking for something similar to this platform for digital portfolios.