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As someone who does not do well with lots of paper, I KNEW I wanted to use my iPad to keep my conferring notes. Naturally, my first instinct was to go with the app Confer! However, in order to enter my entire class into it, I would have to purchase the full version and at my school paid apps need to go through a request process first.  I have heard wonderful things about Confer, however, I really wanted to get going so I started using Kustom Note for Evernote, which are both free.

I had heard of several teachers in our school already using Evernote because of its ability to create notebooks for individual students, or notebooks per week. I also saw teachers taking photos of their children’s work or recordings of the child reading to go along with the conference notes. Already sounds pretty amazing doesn’t it? So why did I add Kustom Note into the mix? It allowed me to create custom template of fields so I could quickly type in the info I needed and move on to the next kid.

Here is what I did:

First I created individual notebooks for each child in Evernote using ‘R’ and ‘W’ to differentiate between their reading and writing notebooks and then created two stacks to group them into Reading Workshop and Writing Workshop.


Then I signed up for Kustom Note and began creating my custom templates:

Note: Be sure to link your Kustom Note account to your Evernote account

Image 9-14-13 at 7.55 AM

Image 9-14-13 at 8.03 AM

Image 9-14-13 at 8.10 AM

Image 9-14-13 at 8.12 AM

Image 9-14-13 at 8.16 AM

Image 9-14-13 at 8.20 AM

Once the templates are created this is what it will look like on your iPad:

Go back into Evernote and to see your student’s notes:

Image 9-14-13 at 8.47 AM

So far I am liking it, there are some down sides though. For example, I have to flip back and forth between Evernote and Kustom Note during workshops to see who I have already seen or previous teaching points. I am sure Confer may have features that are better than Kustom Note, I like that I can create my own fields such as “High Frequency Words to Learn”.  It is really a matter of personal preference and teaching style.

So there you have it! Another digital option for conferring! 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Conferring with Kustom Note

  • Liz

    I was wondering if you can share your conferring notes with teaching partners using Kustom note? I need to be able to share and see my assistants notes and EAL teaching co-teacher. Can multiple parties see teaching points? Thanks!

    • Post author

      Hi! Thanks for your comment! Yes, once your Kustom note has been uploaded to your Evernote account, you can share with other Evernote users. With the free version, notebooks can be shared but cannot be edited by others. In the premium version you can share and edit/collaborate with others. If one member of the team is on the premium evernote and shares with two basic users, they can still collaborate on the notebook that the premium user shared.

      If you want to just share individual notes, you can email it or send a link to that individual note.

    • Pana Post author

      Hi Stacy, I am now in a different role so I personally do not use Evernote for conferring anymore. I know some teachers in our school who continue to use it. Because our school has bought us premium accounts, it has made it useful to share notes between teachers and parents. For instance, a child’s EAL instructor can share notes with the classroom teacher or a note can be sent to a parent as well.