Our Responsibilities A new school year means learning about new teachers, new classmates, and of course new opportunities. Each year, whether students are returning or new, we all come together to brainstorm our responsibilities when using technology. The discussion looks a little different from grade to grade, and I do my […]

Rules, Rules, Rules…

I’ve been very fortunate to have our literacy coach, Barb Golub, work with me through our current writing unit. To those of you who know her, don’t worry folks, she’s looking for an awesome new Twitter handle and once she has one, I’ll be sure to link it here! Together we’ve […]

Inquiry in Writing Workshop (Authors as Mentors)

I’m certain that we are all very familiar with student-led conferences and I’ve seen inspiring examples of ways that teachers have set these conferences up. Every year, no matter which school I’ve been at, I’ve always set up stations/centers for the families to rotate through. I’ve tried different things like […]

Trying Student Led Conferences a New Way

If you haven’t already celebrated the 100th day of school with your kids, you’re probably going to very soon! Can you believe how fast the school year is going? Here are a few things I did this year to celebrate our 100th day of Kindergarten! Thanks to my lovely assistant, […]

100th Day of School Celebration!