A Focus on Thinking This year I wanted to allow my Pre-K students to explore technology in a way that they hadn’t before, by taking it apart. I asked my school’s IT department to save me a few old machines that were no longer in use the summer before this […]

What’s Inside?

Small Beginnings Last year we piloted the Traveling Teddy project with seven teachers that we already knew. Some of our fears going into the pilot were: Participants wouldn’t be committed and not participate in key aspects of the project like the blogging or creating the QR code. Not keeping to […]

Growing #GlobalEdTed

I’ve been very fortunate to have our literacy coach, Barb Golub, work with me through our current writing unit. To those of you who know her, don’t worry folks, she’s looking for an awesome new Twitter handle and once she has one, I’ll be sure to link it here!┬áTogether we’ve […]

Inquiry in Writing Workshop (Authors as Mentors)

Background have recently started an online course called COETAIL (Certificate in Educational Technology and Information Literacy). I’ve arrived at the end of my first course which means a final project! This first course has really made me think more carefully about why and how I am using technology in the […]

Skype as a Research Tool in Kindergarten