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After my first post on Aurasma I’ve learned more about the app and how to make it work better for different purposes. Here is the initial video I put on my first post to illustrate how to create a basic Aura using your device:


Making Auras viewable through multiple devices

1. If you are creating Auras on your device you should:

  • Make your Auras public (as illustrated in the video)
  • Create a channel and
  • Add your Aura to it

2. Share a link to your channel with the parents and/or teachers you’d like to be able to scan and view your Auras.

Here is a video to illustrate how to create a channel and share it:


Using Aurasma on your mobile device to create Auras is quite simple, and I can see my Kindergarteners creating their own auras once they get used to the steps. There are some advantages, however, to creating Auras using Aurasma Studio.

Creating Auras on Aurasma Studio

Using Aurasma Studio on your computer allows you to:

  • Create more complex auras (i.e. use more than one overlay)
  • Use trigger images that sometimes don’t work well when creating on a device
  • Add actions to overlays such as making it full screen on double-tap

IMPORTANT NOTE: You cannot link your Aurasma account on your device to your Aurasma Studio account (even if you use the same login information). Ultimately you will end up with two places you can create Auras and two different channels. Here is an explanation on the Aurasma site.

This is one example where I simply used the word ‘the’ as my trigger image. This image would not work if I tried to create an aura on my device because it has very few details. On Aurasma Studio, I can upload any image as a trigger image.To create the overlay for this Aura, I used Explain Everything to make a recording.

To view this Aura:

1. Download Aurasma into your device

2. Follow my channel by clicking this link ON YOUR DEVICE:

3. Scan the image below on your screen using Aurasma

How to Create an Aura on Aurasma Studio:


In this video I decided to use one of my reading charts as an example because I thought using Aurasma may help my Kindergarteners remember what charts say, especially at the beginning of the year when they can’t read yet! Being able to go over and scan a chart to recall the strategy may even motivate children to use them more in reading and/or writing.

I hope that this post has been helpful to those of you just starting out in the world of augmented reality! If you have any questions or feedback please do leave a comment. Thank you!

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37 thoughts on “Aurasma: The App vs. Aurasma Studio

  • Janine Gerzanics

    thank you, but what if you create an aura in studio but when youpass the ipad over it it doesn’t see the aura. Imust be missing a ste somewhere. On my desk top it says I have 7 auras in my puclic channel but on the ipad it says no auras. Any ideas. I need my class to be able to see the auras in a wall display I want to put up. Thank you.

    • Post author

      Hi Janine, thanks for visiting my blog! The only thing I can think of is that maybe you aren’t following your Aurasma Studio channel on the iPad you are using to scan? Could this be the issue?

  • Laura

    Hi, I am similarly having the issue where the auras appear in the studio, but I can’t get them to play with the app. The trigger image appears, but the overlay video will not play. I was wondering Janine if/how you were able to get yours working? Thanks!

  • Nancy Alvarez

    Thank you so much for your post. I was going crazy trying to sync the auras on my phone with the ones on my desk top channel. Grr! I hope they are able to sync in the future.

    Quick question, do you happen to know if you can add an aura from your phone into an existing channel on your desktop studio?

    • Post author

      Hi Nancy! Unfortunately, you cannot add the existing Aura to your Studio account’s channel. You’d have to recreate it on your studio account to add it to that channel. Sorry! I wish they could be linked too!

  • Corrie

    Hi when someone else wants to see your auras when the download the app do they have to join of can they just get the app to use? I have created auras for an exhibition & want the process for different people being able to view easily without going through lots of joining etc is this possible?

    • Pana Post author

      Hi Corrie! I’m so sorry that it has taken me so long to respond to this! The answer to your question is YES, they have to join and start an account. This is the only way that the app can know what channels that account follows. What I would suggest is if you are having an exibition, tell visitors to download the app and sign up ahead of time. Then once they arrive, provide/post a QR code they can easily scan to follow your channel before entering the exhibition (and provid the full link below it in case they don’t have a scanner). I know, there’s a lot of red tape before you can access an aura, but if it works, I think it’s worth it! 🙂

    • Pana Post author

      Hi Pat, yes you can use existing video from your iPad. When you go to Aurasma on your iPad, add a new overlay, choose ‘device’ and then ‘photo album’ this should allow you to choose an existing video. Hope this helps!

      • Eileen Mann

        Hi Pana,

        I am trying to add existing video from my school iPad to create an Aura. However, a screen,’Error: Data Could not be found,” keeps showing up.

        What can I do to upload pre-existing video that cannot be “found?”



        • Pana Post author

          Hi Eileen,

          I’m sorry but I’ve never faced this problem before. Could you possibly try to airdrop the video to another device and see if it works from there? Sorry I can’t be much more help, good luck!

  • Sarah

    Thank you so much for explaining this, no where on the Aurasma site could I find any help! How do you create an aura that people can just view without having to follow? Like the one on the back of the $1 bill? Or do you have to follow a channel in order to view their auras? I’ve also seen a photo from a pamphlet where I could see their aura without following them. Just trying to figure this whole system out. Thanks 🙂

    • Pana Post author

      Hi Sarah!

      Unfortunately unless you are a paying customer, the requirement is that you must follow a channel before you can view an aura. This will be the case for all of us in education, vs. those using Aurasma for marketing purposes 😉 Hope that clarifies things!

  • Joe Tedesco

    I just joined the Aurasma Studio and created an aura and it did not give me a channel to choose to host it. It just asked me to put in a hashtag. Once I did that it published and others were able to access it without joining a channel. I created one one my mobile app and it gave me the option to not assign it to a channel – is this something new?

  • Joe Tedesco

    I take it back. I did have to join the person’s channel and they had to join mine. I see that the name of their channel is the same as their username. Is this true?

    • Pana Post author

      Not necessarily. It depends how you set it up when you created the channel. It could be the same, but you could also make it something different.

  • Robin

    This is a great overview! I have created auras both ways for the same trigger image. I see that I can share the app created aura via facebook. Have you seen parents receptive to this idea? I’m a little reluctant because I’m not sure how many parents would take this step. Ideally, I want to use Studio to create the aura but I have been having a lot of trouble. It doesn’t seem to like my trigger image (although it worked fine through the app) and when I try to apply masks around the trouble spots it still doesn’t like it. It creates the aura but my device can’t find it (even though it’s been shared/public). Any advice? Thanks!

  • Lizette

    Aurasma Studio tutorial claims it takes less than a minute to make an aura, but it takes it for granted that you already have a library of triggers and overlays readily available. I understand I can make my own videos and pictures. However, where is a safe place where I can actually download effects cheaply or for free? Just the search for these things takes considerable amount of time itself. Even if you have built a good library over time, you won’t want to overly reuse your overlays so the auras can stay fresh… if they are still applicable. Do you have any suggestions or tips on where to find resources without downloading a virus?


    • Pana Post author

      Unfortunately I make most of my own overlays so I don’t have any tips regarding where to find safe content apart from what Aurasma provides for free.

  • Michelle Dorsey

    Okay, I have followed several people on aurasma phone app/ipad app. However when I try to trigger their aura, I only get the blinking dots. I keep refreshing my explore page and trying again but nothing. For instance, I followed you to see what would happen when I scanned the word the. I followed you, refreshed my explore and then tried to scan it. I only get the dots. It does this with pretty much everything. What can I possibly be doing wrong?

    • Pana Post author

      Hi MIchelle,
      First of all, sorry for the extremely late reply! I haven’t checked back on my Auras in a while. I tried to scan my trigger image myself and it didn’t work for a long time. I had to angle my screen different ways before the light was just right and the scan worked. Aurasma isn’t perfect, but when it works it is a great tool! Try scanning from different angles, if you are scanning off of a screen try to move the screen around too or change where you are, I think the light affects it too.

  • Gina

    Can I print an augmented Image? Can I create in Aurasma Studio an Image like grass with overlay like a Bird ? I would like to do animal’s museum , can you help me? Thanks.

    • Pana Post author

      Hi Gina,

      Yes, the idea is that you print out an image with an overlay so that once you scan it, it will trigger the overlay 🙂

        • Pana Post author

          I’m sorry, I think I misunderstood you. What you need to do is find a way to download and print the image of grass you have, then when you scan that physical image the overlay will appear on Aurasma. However, as far as I am aware, you cannot print an Aura in the middle of the scan, the only way I can imagine doing this is by taking a screenshot while scanning and then printing that image. Hope that helps?

          • Gina

            Dear Pana, I will create a trigger image and a overlay, then I will do a screenshot of augmented image e finally I will print this image. For example, he grass is the trigger image and the lion is the overlay. I would like print the augmented image of grass and than with Aurasma on device, see the lion on the grass.

          • Pana Post author

            Hi Gina, yes I think the screenshot method is probably your best bet. Let me know how that goes!

  • Chris

    This may be a silly question but I’m confused. If parents follow my channel and there are auras loaded on that channel, how do they pull up their child’s aura and use the viewfinder to see it at the same time? Does that make sense?

    • Pana Post author

      Hi Chris,

      It is not possible to view the fully interactive aura just in the app, the app needs to be scanning the trigger image. You can post a digital version of the images somewhere like on a class blog so parents can scan their computer screens using their iPad or mobile device with the Aurasma App if you would like them to have access to it outside of school. Hope that helps?

  • Andy

    Hi? I am an events organizer based in Nairobi Kenya and I have already created my auras on the Aurasma platform. However, on closer examination I have realized I am on a ‘Starter subscription’. Question: Are there other subscription packages for Aurasma, if yes, what are the costs? 2. I am looking at about 250 guests, will all the guests be able to access the Auras at a go without any limitations? Do they have to register the app their phones before accessing the Auras?
    I will be very great full for your feedback

    • Pana Post author

      Hi Andy, I’m sorry that I saw this comment too late. I know that there is a paid version of Aurasma that you can possibly use but you will have to contact the people at Aurasma directly for information. Sorry I couldn’t be more help!

  • Heather Harper

    Can an Aura that has been made with a trigger image from a classroom wall be used by a parents device with the Aurasma app on it.

    • Pana Post author

      As far as I know yes they can but they need to be following your channel first. You might send the link for parents to follow the channel in advance or post it somewhere near the display. A QR code could work too 🙂

  • Vince

    thank you for the guide. is there a way to download the auras from studio and print them? i noticed on a youtube video that aurasma was used on a yearbook.

    • Pana Post author

      Hi Vince,

      Whatever image you used as the trigger image can be printed and scanned using Aurasma. You do not need to download from Aurasma, just print out whatever you created as the trigger image 🙂